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e-Learning and ICT

​Using iPads to practice reading fluency

​Through the use of ICTs in the curriculum, we are helping students become knowledgeable about the nature of information and become comfortable using the technology.

Our Philosophy

The overall philosophy is to use ICT whenever its speed, power, graphics or interactive potential can enhance and extend the quality of work being undertaken by students. It is used to develop logical thinking, problem solving and control techniques and also to give confidence and the capability to use ICTs in later life.


Our Goal

Our main goal is equipping and empowering students, rather than merely transferring knowledge - guiding students in learning to learn.  We believe students are eager to learn and with guidance they will seek out and discover knowledge on their own.



Our early junior stage students listening to instructions with positional vocabulary to create a sceneSome Intermediate Stage students chose use the Book Creator app on their iPads to present their research programs about endangered Australian animals. They reflected their iPads on to our projectors so that all of the class could see.Our Early Junior Stage classes enjoy sharing e-books on the projector.We have two banks of laptops that can be used in classrooms.Our ICT lab is open at lunch time for children to use. Classes come to the lap for ICT lessons.Our Early Junior classes made e-books about letters and sounds. This student is capturing the letter 'd' with her iPad camera to go in her book.